We've mastered the balance between caring for your body and mind, and living life with indulgent abandon. Whatever your zen state, our Adult-by-Design philosophy allows you to dictate what a vacation at sea looks like for you. Coming home the same isn't an option.
Eat & Drink (Well)

To live well is to dine well (so you can live well

(Not just) fuel for your body

Like any perfectly diverse city block, what and how people are eating is never the same. Whether you're craving a lavish sit down dinner with endless bottles of Chianti, or jonesing for a food truck-style al pastor taco, our all-included, responsibly

Now I'm Hungry

With Virgin's music heritage pulsing through everything we create, we're bringing world-class producers from land to create immersive experiences at sea that blur the line between audience and performer. Between our surprise pop-ups, 4 am Scarlet nig

Im game

Gimme, gimme more

(we did, and it's all included)

Sailing free of hidden fees stamp

All tips

All tips

We've taken care (of taking care) of your servers, so tipping is on us.

Ship shape stamp

Free group classes

Free group classes

#namaste or #namasteOverHereAndSweat - all your classes are covered.

Eat your heart out stamp

All dining

All dining

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner – they're all wrapped into the price of your trip.

Pretty fly for a WiFi stamp

Free basic WiFi

Free basic WiFi

Check your feed and post pics to your heart's content. Need to stream? Upgrade to our premium plan.


Elevated living, even at

In a marriage of style, warmth and technology, we've created spaces that serve every side of your nomadic personality. Our leather chairs compliment the transforming sea bed while the high-tech mood lighting intuively matches the light from incoming sunsets. The digital serves the spiritual.

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Unleash your wanderlust

Here's an idea... instead of endlessly scrolling your Instagram feed for #getaways, actually go on one. We've handpicked seaside destinations that'll satisfy your craving for excitement and relaxation, while showing you the real people and experiences that make each port so special. So go back to th

I'm packing already
Don't just build a ship, create a yearning for the sea. — Sir Richard Branson

What do creative innovators do when they've conquered land and space? Well, inevitably they take their skills to the sea. Sir Richard Branson brought together a collective of the most inspiring, thought provoking, future-focused partners and people t

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