Most User-Friendly Vpn App For Android

No need to enter server names, username and password. Just open the application and tap the "connect" to connect to. It's that easy.

support Android 4.x , JailBreak ios

Why Select AppCobber

  • Deloy CDN in Server-side to reduce network latency
  • only serve high-end Andriod terminal users,dedicatedly and professionaly
  • The industry's first product which realize the one-click vpn app for Andrioid 4.0,4.1
  • Strong support of R&D team who develope client and sever software by themselves
  • prohibit pc from accessing,which esure that server bandwidth resources are not misused and guarantee bandwidth for android terminal
  • login Intelligently to ensure VPN services sustainability and make polluting DNS and blocking server IP invalid for appcobber
  • the choice of more than 2000000 Android users around the world, and you are welcome!

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